ADHD Running Your Life?

Get Traxion.

The award-winning Traxion app is based on proven ADHD management techniques, which have been reimagined for the modern and mobile ADHD young adult.

Traxion was the first place winner in a developer challenge sponsored by Health 2.0 and Shire Pharmaceuticals.

A Sneak Peek of What Beta Testers Get...Free

Plan for the Future
Plan your future by recording tasks and events. Traxion's organizational tools are uniquely tailored to the needs of young adults with ADHD. 

  • Organize your future visually
  • Get multiple reminders
  • Combat time blindness

Reflect on Your Activity
Learn things about your self to improve your ADHD management. Traxion helps you find and understand important insights.

  • See your productivity over time
  • Track your medication dosage
  • Learn from the past and improve

Learn About ADHD
One of the the most important things you can do to manage your ADHD is to educate yourself about it. Traxion will help you do that.

  • Get info and tips on flashcards
  • Favorite tips you like best
  • Connect with resources

Supported by ADHD Clinicians, Academics & Patients 

I've been favorably impressed with the careful planning and thorough research that the team has incorporated into the design of their Traxion app. It's a practical, sensible, and user-friendly tool that will be a great benefit to young adults with ADHD. I'd be pleased to make an app like this available to my patients.

Anthony Rostain, MD, MS

Author of "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adult ADHD"

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About Us

Traxion is a joint project by Rebar Interactive and Omniscience mobile. Rebar Interactive creates digital marketing and patient recruitment solutions for clinical trials. Omniscience Mobile provides fully regulatory compliant mobile solutions to clinical trial sponsors and their partners. 


The Traxion Project

Traxion was created as a submission to a developer challenge sponsored by Health 2.0 and Shire. The challenge was to create an app that supports young adults with ADHD as they transition from structured to unstructured environments.

Traxion is won the first place prize in the challenge. You can show support of Traxion and help get it to market more quickly by requesting a beta invitation.

Contact Us

Rahlyn Gossen
Founder, Rebar Interactive

Jeff Lee
CEO, Omniscience Mobile

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Team Leadership

As someone who understands the experience of living with ADHD, I am excited to see a thoughtfully designed mobile app come to fruition. The Traxion app successfully leverages the ubiquitous nature of smart phones among young adults, and provides the ability to stay on task.

Alexander Girau, MS

ADHD Young Adult, Startup Founder & CEO

"...a great benefit to young adults with ADHD"

"Designed on the latest research..."

What a great tool to help young people take control of their ADHD symptoms. Designed on the latest research, the Traxion app will help young people learn about multiple strategies for managing ADHD symptoms and help them track their progress over time.

Julie Meaux, PhD, RN, CNE

Author of "ADHD in the College Student: A Block in the Road"

"...provides the ability to stay on task."

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Get Support from Coach
Huddle with your personalized ADHD coach twice daily.  Coach is there to give you the support and encouragement you need. 

  • Pick a coach name and avatar
  • Plan your day in the morning
  • Record progress in the evening

Thoughtfully Designed for Young Adults with ADHD

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